The Experiential Learning Collaborative (ELC) is an initiative of the University of Connecticut School of Business aiming to enhance the experiential process and more comprehensively involve graduate and undergraduate students in real-world business practices. It strives to develop exceptional managers and business leaders through experiential learning in a dynamic global business context. By doing so, the ELC capitalizes on the comprehensive experience gained at the Stamford Learning Accelerator, Financial Accelerator, and Innovation Accelerator.

The ELC provides talented and ambitious students with the opportunity to gain leadership and team-building skills while developing various projects for corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, government agencies, and non-for-profit organizations. Students will be able to demonstrate and apply the business skills learned in the classroom, add a real-world business case to their career portfolio and develop new relationships with industry leaders.

The ELC performs the role of an external research-and-development department, helping our client-partners with forward-looking projects that might include market research and analysis, product/service innovation, business planning, management of organizations, web design and analytics and more. The projects involve tight collaboration between the client-partner and student teams, who are guided by faculty or industry mentors with expertise in the project topic. To provide greater value to the clients, the ELC strives to recruit students interested in specific projects, and designate at least two teams per project, thus fostering a competitive environment and cultivating different perspectives and innovative solutions.


The projects are led by Gregory Kivenzor, Ph.D., MS., MBA ’00, Director of Experiential Learning Collaborative and Associate Professor In-Residence of Marketing, and a group of select faculty and industry experts who serve as project mentors to the students teams.

With his vast industry experience, Kivenzor advised clients on marketing and general business issues and has an extensive background researching domestic and foreign market opportunities. He is an international business expert, and the founder and chief global strategist of Bi-Focal Strategies LLC. An expert in problem solving, Kivenzor has 15 patented inventions to his long list of credentials.