A business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.
Peter Drucker

Organizations are always dealing with problems in their respective realities. Such problems can be split into three groups. First, the find-and-fix problems with definitive solutions. Second, problems related to the need for incremental business improvement. Third, problems that are hard-to-define but an organization needs to fill the void and find innovative, unorthodox solutions. The ELC serves such needs as an outsourced R & D arm, capable of conducting sizable forward-looking projects aiming at the business and technological innovations. This capability enables client-partners to benefit from the expertise of UConn faculty and students:

  • Conduct in-depth market research
  • Gain energetic input in service research and new product development
  • Increase productivity
  • Identify and manage financial risks
  • Reduce the costs of doing business
  • Develop unbiased and transparent strategy recommendations.

The directions and objectives of each project are different. What remains constant is the role of our client-partners who are active participants in collaborative project development. Through engaging communications with student teams, business executives remain in control of the project progression and receive the core materials such as market analyses, financial models, and comprehensive business recommendations.

The Experiential Learning Collaborative develops and maintains relationships with leaders of corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The ELC is committed to addressing the needs of client-partners while providing the continuity of student experiential learning. The projects are structurally divided into sequential phases covering different key elements of a project over time. Completing each project, the ELC strives to create value substantially exceeding any fees received from client-partners.

For inquiries regarding prospective projects with the ELC, please contact us.