Our greatest lessons come from the University of Life – getting our hands dirty, interacting with people in real situations, travelling, and learning on the spot.

Sir Richard Branson,
Serial Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Project Mentors are faculty or industry experts who coach student teams and guide students through the project phases. Throughout each project phase, Mentors facilitate several face-to-face meetings with student teams and client-partners, including an initial Information Session, Mid-Tollgate, and Final Tollgate presentations. In addition, Mentors host virtual (Skype/phone) meetings and online discussions during the semester to ensure that students are on the right track.

Most projects are run continuously, but are split onto semester-long phases. For each phase, the ELC mentors along with the ELC Director interview students and assign them to teams stationed in Stamford and Hartford. Student team formation is based on diverse and complementary skills and knowledge that contribute to the value of the project. Two or more teams compete in the development of each product phase and deliver their findings to client-partners.

Under the general guidance of the ELC Director, Mentors support, lead, and assist student teams working on a project, and communicate with client-partners and university staff members.

If you are interested in the role of the Project Mentor, please fill out the Mentorship Application using the button below to submit a resume along with a statement of interest.