Our greatest lessons come from the University of Life – getting our hands dirty, interacting with people in real situations, traveling, and learning on the spot.

Sir Richard Branson
Entrepreneur and Business Leader

The Experiential Learning Collaborative projects are open to graduate students and undergraduate seniors. Most projects consist of several phases: each semester-long phase is conceived as a 3-credit graduate elective course. Among the existing and potential clients are corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Project experience will make students more competitive in the marketplace and more successful in their job search or entrepreneurial activities.

For each project phase, competing teams are carefully designed to pair student skills and expertise with project needs. The competitive environment stimulates teams to productively work on the project tasks, developing their respective vision, performing the necessary research and/or product development, and delivering their findings to clients. All team members are required to attend three mandatory meetings with the clients, as well as several virtual meetings with the Project Mentor.

Students will have the opportunity to gain experience in various business activities, including:

  • Market research and analysis
  • New product development
  • Organizational behavior
  • Project management
  • Web design and analytics

In addition, special attention will be paid to the development of professional skills helping students to enhance their competitive standing in the marketplace after graduation. These skills include teamwork and team leadership, professional written and verbal communications, detailed research and more.

ELC welcomes students from the School of Business but also from different programs and concentrations across UConn schools and colleges, particularly as project needs require. Undergraduate seniors can take such a course as an elective with permission from their academic adviser. Student applicants on the Stamford or Hartford campuses need to pass a professional interview before being placed on of the competing teams. The ELC is highly selective in admitting students to its challenging projects and the admission to project teams is highly competitive.

If you are willing to get immersed in experiential learning, please fill out the Student Application Form using the button below to submit a resume along with a statement of interest.